• Fab Ulrich

Why we always offer more than what we charge to our customers.

First of all, We like perfection. The same way we care about our own event is the same way we care about our customers's events. we believe that every event deserve to meet its true value. It doesn't matter how much you make or how much you can afford at the moment. If you show the will to make your event unforgettable, we will help you make it happened.

Last Saturday we had a customer who wanted a tent, chairs, and tables for her engagement party. We personally thought it was too basic. The same way we value the image of our company is the same way we believed that we should add some touch to her event. We then offered to give white table cloth, chair covers and sashes for free. We also reduced the price of chafers by half. While we were decorating we realized that our client wanted to use two regular tables as the buffet table, but it would completely down grade the beauty and quality of the event. Right before we decide to leave, we decided to go back to our office and brought back a buffet table with skirt.

As a result the couple were very happy and satisfied. The guests appreciated the decoration and the quality of the work done. The day after the party when we came to pick up our equipment, they hired us to decorate their wedding and told us that several family members will book us for their events. It was not a surprise because we always make sure that when we go out it's to give the best of ourselves. in every situation we always accommodate to give the the best of us. We believe in mutual gain when we plan our client's events.

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